June Update

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I can't believe June is almost over already! This month was kind of slow, but went by pretty quick also.

Everything that's in this post was bought today, except for the nails and the colorful shorts. No kidding! Tons of sales at the mall, I was super happy. It was an awesome shopping day~

Starting with nails for June.

White background with "cracked ice" in pink. These are pieces she puts on top of the polished nails, with a coat of powder that turns clear with liquid. I think these are the coolest nails I've had. Ever.

Two pieces from Dynamite http://www.dynamite.ca/

My top favorite buy of the day! Bright orange dress~
It looks more peachy in the picture, but really, IRL it's ORANGE.
I'm planning to wear this out for my birthday next month. Mad excited!!

Top on sale. I like out it looks like camo with pink. It fits great and is different from most tops I own and wear lately.

Joshua Perets pieces. On sale also YAYZ!<3

This is supposed to be a dress, but since I'm so tall as usual, I'm planning to wear these with shorts or knee length leggings. I love the color though. Again, pic doesn't do justice. It's a bright hot pink with a funky back.

I couldn't get this blue tank top without the yellow one. I tried them on together, blue layered over yellow and it looked AWESOME. I love it <3

Jean shorts from Ricki's. I've been looking for comfy shorts like these for quite some time, but the ones I found were always too short or ripped, or weird colors... Got these ones finally!

Shorts to match the bikini I bought earlier this year. Super soft and comfortable!

Trade Secrets had a sale on OPI polishes this week. All and any of them in stock for 7.99$ instead of regular 9.99$. Had to get a shatter in there. My favorite color of the bunch right now is the blue~

Random polish that was on the counter at Ricki's when I bought the shorts. I couldn't not get it, it was right there, brightest pink ever, staring at me. Cheaper polish, will see if it lasts as long as OPI... :B

That is all the shopping for this month, plenty enough if you ask me. I want to say I should be good for the rest of the summer, but shopping is too much fun to restrict myself until the Fall.

Have you been shopping lately?
Any awesome buys for the summer?


Going with the flow

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Totally bored out of our minds Sunday afternoon, D. and I drove 30 minutes to go out to Chelsea, part of the Gatineau park. There was tons of people everywhere and every parking was full, so we drove a little longer and go up close to Dunderosa which is a golf course out there.

Bingo! Empty parking lot right next to it. Off we went~

Went down the forest and a series of steps to find a little bridge and a waterfall.

I walked along the edge while D. decided to be a 12 year old kid, or some type of monkey, and jumped from rock to rock over the flowing water.

What a forest typically looks like around this area of country.

This picture is my favorite~

We were out for a good 2 hours and got a little sunburn even though we were shaded with trees for a good part of our hiking.

Have you been for a walk in the forest lately?
What was it like?


Sand and sky

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I recently went out to the beach for the first time this year! SO HAPPY! I love going to the beach even though ours out here aren't all that great.

I went out to Mooney's Bay, which is the one I like the best out here so far. Many people seem to dislike it, but I really don't understand why it's perfectly fine!

Brought the necessaries with me~

It was a beautiful day and it was pretty quiet too!

Several people seemed to prefer the shade... Not me!!

I've seen this boat before when I came to Mooney's Bay. It's a pirate ship! Some kind of activity for groups of kids I believe. They were pretty loud! It looked fun~

This random cloud blocked my sun for a good 20 min!

Have you been to the beach this summer yet?


X-Men First Class

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X-Men First Class picks up many years before the previous movies. It tells the story of the first X-Men coming together as a team and their struggle to fight against evil together. While I don't think this is exactly how Marvel originally wrote it, in this movie, you learn how Magneto and Professor X became friends, and later rivals. You also learn about Mystique, Beast, Havoc and several others.

I enjoyed this movie. I'm an X-Men fan from the old cartoons that played at midnight on Teletoon. While I was OK with the previous movies, I thought this one was far better. I liked their choice of actor 10 times better for a start. (Storm is my favorite X-Men and I hate that they picked Haley Berry, there are MUCH better actresses out there. But all the other ones sucked too, with the exception of Wolverine and Prof X. That's just my opinion though.)

My favorite was Michael Fassbender playing Erik Lehnsherr aka Magneto. I think he was perfect in his role. I found myself feeling for him, his pain, anger and frustration. Young Charles Xavier was great also, I thought that they had great chemistry on screen.

Mystique looked great both as human and mutant, though I feel she wasn't much more than that, just a pretty face. I wasn't able to relate to her when she was struggling with the way she looks. Mutant or not, I believe every girl struggles with their appearance and self-esteem at one point (or several) in their life, myself included, and I didn't feel anything coming from her.

Havoc and Banchee were pretty cool, though we don't get to see much when it comes to their character evolving. I liked what they did with Beast, I wasn't expecting that part at all.

Kevin Bacon was horrible as usual. I don't like him as an actor, and this movie hasn't changed my mind at all. Sorry man, you just (still) don't cut it.

Over all though I liked this movie, it was entertaining, the effects were great and I liked the story and the way it developped. I liked the characters in this movie better than the other one (I came to dislike a lot of them in the previous movies. In this one, I only dislike Wasp/Angel.)

In the end, this movie was worth my 10$.


Gee Gee Gee Baby

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I have no idea why, but this song makes me so happy!

They're so CUTE!!

(Girls Generation, korean girl group of 9 members. This is one of the song from their just recently released japanese album. Totally in love!)

What do YOU think?
Love it or Hate it?

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