Ayu produces false eyelashes too!

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I had been playing with the idea of trying out fake eyelashes for some time, probably just as long as I've been thinking about colored circle lenses. To me, they go together, but I probably won't be trying them together at the same time for the first time. Or should I?

It seems
DollyWink have been very popular with western gals, so I was just about ready to order a pair or two online, when news of Ayu releasing her very on false eyelashes came out! (Yeah, yeah I know, I posted about Ayu already once this week, but what do you want me to say? This is how it works with her, she releases everything practically all at the same time! And I can't help but talk about it! It's Ayu AND make-up related.)

There are three (3) lines: Natural Days, Gorgeous Days and Royal Days, ranging from natural volume to more dramatic. Within each line there will be 12 different types of lashes.

The price is
1,480 yen per pack and each pack contains 3 sets of lashes!

1,480 yen! That's totally reasonable, don't you think?

Honestly I don't know why she waited so long to do this.

Natural Days no. 1

Natural Days no. 2

Natural Days no. 3
Natural Days Bottom no. 1

Gorgeous Days no. 4

Gorgeous Days no. 5

Gorgeous Days no. 6

Gorgeous Days Bottom no. 2

Royal Days no. 7

Royal Days no. 8

Royal Days no. 9

Royal Days Bottom no. 3

My favorite ones out of the bunch: Naturals Days no.1, Gorgeous Days no.6 and Royals Days no.7. Personally I don't care for bottom lashes so I'll be leaving these out for now.

These have been on sell at mu-mo since September 22nd, and they will be sold all over Japan starting September 30th. I haven't managed to figure out a way to order them from mu-mo.net yet (they have an international website affiliated with Tenso which gives you an address in Japan so that you may order from Japanese online websites that don't ship internationally), but you can view all of them here on the Japanese website here. If you guys know how to get your hands on these, please let me know!! I'd really like to order two or three pairs to try them out!

Until next time~~~

Note: If you want to use the pictures included in this blog entry, please make sure to credit and don't remove my blog tag. I took the time to put them all together from mu-mo. It was a bit time consuming... Thank you very much!

What do you think of these lashes? Will the fact that Ayu produced them herself, influence you into buying them? Or are false eyelashes not your thing? Tell me what you think!


Love And Trench: Ayu x Aquascutum

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Ayu is back collaborating with Aquascutum! Last February I posted about Ayu modeling for Aquascutum London (here).

"Love And Trench" campaign offers three (3!!) new coats modeled by our lovely Hamasaki Ayumi! Weither there was an actual collaboration in design or not I'm not sure, but it fits with Ayu's personal style perfectly and she wears them really well as usual.

"Aquascutum X Ayu"

"New Aqua Tech"

"Short Military Trench"

I like these trench coats a lot! I can't pick a favorite between the beige and the green one though, I like them both equally I think!

You can read more about it on Aquascutum's website (in japanese) Here!

What about you?
What do you think of this collection?
Which one is your favorite?


Late gets, nails, etc...

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I haven't had a post of "latest gets" in a while because I haven't been spending as much. I've been paying off my credit card, putting money away for Japan and trying to have some kind of a life. Not much has been going on though... During this transition from Summer to Fall, everything seems to slow down around me... Has it been like that for you too?

Well anyway. Flash back to July!

My last set of nails for a while. I had them done just before my birthday and got them removed in August. I decided to take a break from nails because I had been wanting to change my nail color every other day. I figured it couldn't hurt on my wallet at the same time...

Since then, I've been experimenting with different colors, new and old shades! I've been into matte colors more than ones with shines and sparkles. I especially love this shade of pink called "Greenwitch Village" by NYC.

Did the tips by myself, no paper, no stickers, no help. Just me and the brush from the bottle!
I think I've gotten pretty good at it, what do you think?

Back to July. During my summer vacations I went out of town and found some good deals on Oakley and Hurley t-shirts. These guys were my best friends for all of August!

For all of August I didn't spend money of clothes. Which is some kind of miracle (or is it?) for me because I always find myself buying at least one piece of clothing once a month, if it's not twice a month... When came September I was hitching to take wallet out on a small shopping spree, but I wanted to shop ONLY for things I REALLY needed. The flats I had been wearing all summer were giving me their last breaths and since I wear flats at work all year long I had to get me a new pair.

Globo Shoes had a pair exactly like my old ones! Happiness!

And while I was there I took advantage of their amazing sale on Winter boots. I only had 1 pair of boots for all of Winter last year. What the hell was I thinking considering I live in Canada, right? Well I just couldn't find any that I liked in my size. It seems the size I wear is always out when I find a pair of boots I really love!

I found these pairs and didn't hesitate. 60$! I think that's the cheapest I've ever paid for boots, EVER.

I really don't like wearing heels in the snow, and these turn out to be super cute and comfy! All the boots I've had in my life so far have been black, so I thought I'd got for this shade of gray to spice it up a little bit. I'm excited to wear these when the temperatures really get down close to zero celcius.

And then I ordered me a small package from Japan!

I've been wanting Soul Sister magazine since I saw it on Universal Doll and Rii's blog. This is the type of fashion I like the most out of Japan! It's edgy, a little dark, sexy and a little rock at the same time too! Totally love this magazine!! I'm definitely ordering the 2nd issue once it's available on HMV Japan.

And last but not least...

I'd been waiting for SO LOOOONG for Ayu Blu-rays. Her DVDs are all region coded, which means I can only watch them on my computer. Most of them aren't all that great quality of picture and sound either. The joy when I found out she was releasing Blu-rays of some of her past and now future concerts!! MAD HAPPY I WAS!! I order NEXT LEVEL Arena Tour 2009 (right) because that's the show I attended twice while I was in Tokyo. And Coundtown Live 2010-11 because it's the most recent show out to date and I really liked the previews I'd seen.

Let me just say it's preeeetty damn awesome to watch her on my HD TV, and hear her on surround sound.

*Fangirl squeal!*

That's it for now~

Have you gone shopping for Fall/Winter wardrobe yet?


Gyaru Brand: JSG

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stands for Japanese Super Girl
Around since 2006

JSG is the first gyaru brand I learned of and got to know. It is the ONLY store I bought a piece of clothing from while I visited Japan in October 2009. I didn't know much about this brand when I was in Shibuya 109, I was brand new to japanese fashion and didn't know much of gyaru fashion.

JSG caught my attention because of the way the shop in 109 was displayed, the music, the bright colors and the adorable
shop staff that instantly came over to help despite the language barrier.

Collection photos from their

This is my favorite of the bunch! LOVE the fun prints and stripped socks!!

Items from their webshop that I would reeeally like to add to my wardrobe! All the colors would make it so much LESS boring~

Every piece of clothing usually comes in a minimum of 3 different shades/colors so there is for everyone! How much fun is that? I'd love to randomly walk into someone with the same t-shirt as I but in a different color!

JSG often has collaborations with Hello Kitty, which makes me love the brand even more! This is the one they current have in stock...

The one piece of clothing I got from JSG, as I mentioned above, was an Hello Kitty x JSG collab. A hoodie! SO soft and comfy! I totally love it and still wear it.

Here it is:

It has ears and a bow on the hood!

What do YOU think of JSG?
To cute? To colorful? To bright?
Love it? Hate it?

My first attempt at doing a blog serie. "Gyaru Brand" posts will talk of the different gyaru (or gal) japanese clothing brands that I like. In hopes that you guys will enjoy and discover new ones! Your feedback would be greatly appreciated~

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