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2011 is the year of the rabbit. My chinese sign is rabbit.

I'm confident it will be a great year! (Or at least I hope so...)

Not much to report on this side of the world. This week hasn't been as productive as I wanted it to be, but eh, life happens! Tonight (December 31st) I'm having some friends over. I'm ordering pizza, told them to bring drinks. Some quiet night enjoying each others company and celebrating the coming of the New Year.

What are y'all doing tonight?
Celebrating New Years with your family? Friends?
Or just having a quiet night?

See you in the New Year!


Merry Christmas! Part 2

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On the 24th it was Christmas dinner at my dad's house. And on the 25th it was at my mom's.

Just a few pictures from the 25th~

I hope everyone had a good Christmas!

Did you have dinner with your family?
Did you give/receive a lot of presents?


Merry Christmas!

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Merry Christmas everyone!

There's a fireplace in the living room. Really brought in some ambiance :)

The dog (Nicky) got presents too!

Tonight is dinner at my mom's (aka. where I live) with my siblings. Since they didn't see my mother yesterday, they're coming over. Stuffing my face again! And tomorrow... working out. Bahaha!

Merry Christmas again to everyone!!



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Something happened today!! It seems I have reached 50 followers!!!

I am amazed! Where are all of you guys coming from? Well, either way, it makes me happy and I hope you enjoy reading my none sense! I sure enjoy writing all of it!! Thank you so much!!

And now, a tiny little update. I got my nails done this past Saturday. Just before the holidays~

Quite festive yes?

They are similar to the white/purple ones I had previously, well, the engraving is the same. But this time I asked Steph to do a silver line underneath the white and to use a color that'll pop for the engraving. And BAM!! That's what it turned out like. I love it!

Also I found my very pink Christmas hat that I bought at La Vie en Rose last year~

Thanks again for all the followers!
(Merci à mes "suiveurs" francais/quebecois aussi! Je sais que vous etes la!!)

GiveAways seem to be pretty popular around the blogspot community and other blogs, so I think I will have one too! I'll have some time to figure it out during my Christmas vacation that starts next week.

What items would you like to see in my GiveAway?
Should I have a theme? Or just anything random?
Give me some ideas!!


This new shiny thing...

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A while ago, a little before the summer actually, I fell in love. As soon as I laid eyes on him! It was instant love! I was sitting at the cinema and he just appeared there he was!! I absolutely had to have him!!

And this week I did. :)

Brand new 2011 Mazda 2, full equip in Spirited Green color.

A year or two ago, if you'd told me I'd end up buying a green car, I would have flat out laughed in your face. In fact, I'd always dreamed of a white car, but when I saw this green, I couldn't help myself! It's unique to Mazda and Mazda 2. The 2011 Mazda 2 is the first of it's kind by Mazda in Canada/America. I always wanted a Mazda 3, but when I saw this one I just had to get it!

It's the most economic in gas, it's smaller and just plain cute!!

The reviews have been through the roof! It's the best car of it's kind/type, it's gotten 5 stars everywhere, so I knew I wasn't going wrong. Especially NOT with Mazda, they're well known and everyone I know that has a Mazda love them and don't regret buying.

So, there you have it. My very first car. SQUEE!!

This year was pretty bad for me, but I think I'm slowly starting to see the light.

Bring it on 2011 !!!! I'm ready~ :)

What do you think? Would you ever dare get a flashy colored car? If you have a car, was it the one you wanted to buy originally?~


It's Christmas time!

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Hello everybody~

It's here, it's officially here! Christmas time, that is!

My mother and I decorated around the house a little over the weekend and we got a huge load of snow fall from last night all through this morning. Do you enjoy the snow? I like the month of December, and I like a white Christmas, but generally when the end of January and beginning of February rolls in, I'm so fed up I just wish all of it would disappear! But we all know that's now how it works... Out here we usually have snow until March and sometimes April. After that it warms up. Thank goodness.

So anyway, here are some pictures of the Christmas deco around my house~

Can you see the kitty? Hehehe~

Center piece for the table.

Add VideoMy little tree! It's fiber optic at the tip of the branches. Changes colors, very pretty!

My mother buys a new ornament every year. This is this year's. Cute right? A polar bear running! XD

My driveway after I shoveled today.

The snow in my front yard after I shoveled.

Have you guys started decorating?
Do you get snow where you live? A lot?
Are you usually excited for the holiday period?


Faux fur leopart coat

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Hello ladies (and gents?) !! How's everyone doing? Good I hope!

I'm feeling fantastic~
I've been looking at clothes online to satisfy my shopping addiction because I can't really buy much at the moment. But I do need a new coat for winter because the one I currently have is too big now. I lost weight since last winter and it's too baggy now, I don't like baggy clothes, I prefer well fitted ones, so this annoys me a little bit...

I was browsing japanese online stores and came across this:

This is from GLAD NEWS, popular gyaru brand in Japan. I'm totally in love with this coat! Only problem is it's out of stock on their website. Mad sad. :(

I looked on eBay, I found some that would ship from China and Hong Kong, but they are all small XS and S. I would need M if not L (damn you boobs, always in the way!).

So if any of you come across a similar coat, PLEASE send me an e-mail. I'd REALLY REEAALLY love to get one!

Have any of you ever REALLY wanted something, but couldn't get it?


Joshua Perets

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Sometime before Fall rolled in, this new store called Joshua Perets opened at the mall near my place. I'd seen the store when I shopped in Montreal over the summer, but I hadn't actually gone in. Boy had I been missing!! It's now one of my favorite stores, and I really have to use all of my will power not to go in every time I'm at the mall, otherwise I'd be spending my whole paycheck. Their style is laid-back and a bit sporty, but I've actually worn some of the tops to go out with my friends a few times. SUPER comfortable!

Bags from the times I purchased at the store.

I love ALL of these, I wear them often. They're super comfortable. The fabric is soft and you can tell it's good quality. I've gotten the most compliments on the beige and the blue tops. But my favorite is actually the black and green one. I wore it to go out at the pub last weekend with some friends and they all commented on it. Good comments of course! Especially the guys, you know, there was a little bit of cleavage... Lol

I bought the keychain because I was missing 3$ on my first purchase to get a free gift and free membership. It's hanging on my purse now, I really like it. Blings blings! The membership saves me 10% every time I shop there. And you can be sure I'll be going back!

Do you have a favorite store or brand? Does it also take you all of your will power not to buy everything in the store when you shop there?~

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