It's starting to look a lot like Christmas...

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Few decorations have been going up around the house...

Have you been decorating?


All that glitters

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You probably haven't noticed but other than commenting on a few blogs here and there I've been pretty non-existent in around blogger. Since November I haven't been blogging even though I have wanted to. Just too many things to do in so little time!

Slowly but surely I've been working at becoming a good nail tech, mostly in sculpting nails the past week or two and setting up my work station at home.

The new IKEA store just opened its doors in Ottawa on December 7th and I couldn't have been more excited! We had an IKEA before, but it was kinda cramped and crowded all the time, so they built a new one, a better one, a BIGGER one. It's apparently the biggest in Canada now. I was there on December 9th to pick up a desk, a book shelf and two chairs. YAY SALES!

But this is not a post on IKEA, it's a post on my nail tech work station. I'm so proud and excited, it's really hard to hide it when I speak of it to others. I get giggly like a 5 year old that just got her new barbie on Christmas.

Anyway. Enough blah blah. PICS!

The work station: desk, pink chair for the nail tech, white chair for the client. A book shelf for storage in the background, it's the perfect size. The desk and book shelf came together as a set, 70$! Eep! So happy~

The inside of my drawer... can't wait to really be using all these tools. Kekeke~

Martha Stewart glitters I'll be using for color combination,
mixing with acrylic and possibly other super secret projects! Shhhh!

Practice makes perfect... eventually...
(Only sculpted, not shaped, buffed or shined yet.)

Kitty follows me everywhere :3
(Yes I got the kid's meal at McD's for the toy, what are you saying? >_>)

That's it for now!
More as I continue this journey of accomplishing a long time dream~

What have you been up to lately?


Gyaru Brand: GLAD NEWS

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GLAD NEWS Around since 2004-2005 Rock trend

GLAD NEWS caught my attention earlier this year as I learned more and more about the different kinds of gal styles and trends. This is a bit more my style as I tend to really like wearing skinny jeans and long black or white tops. GLAD NEWS often uses skull logos into their designs and that seem to be the only thing that keeps coming back through their collections. That and the leopard coat. More on that one at the end of this post.

GLAD NEWS is in Shibuya 109, but I don't know where else in Japan it can be found, I'm sure it is not the only place it is distributed. It seems to be very popular on Rakuten because a lot of their pieces sell out quite fast. Maybe someone that frequents GLAD NEWS in Japan could enlighten me on the where about of this rockin' brand? Sadly though, Rakuten is the only thing I could find online. They don't seem to have their own website like JSG (previous gyaru brand post) does. Here are a few of the coordinates I really liked of Rakuten.

And the "famous" leopard coat...

A different variation of this coat (or even a simpler version) seems to be up for sell every year around November-December. I found out about it last year and have wanted one ever since. I die a little inside every time I see it so much I'm in love with it (yes, it's that bad). And it's all Rii's fault! She got the a different version last year when she was in Tokyo, it sounded like she had been wanting it quite a bit as well.

Of course now it's already sold out on Rakuten, and the single similar coat that I found on eBay doesn't have any buttons or zip... I can't wear that out here in Canada, I'll die frozen. So if anyone comes across this coat while shopping in Japan, please contact me, I'll definitely want it, well the gray/silver one anyway. Until then, I'll just keep dreaming and hoping it's available again next year when I travel to Japan in December.

What do you think of GLAD NEWS? Too rock for you?


ViVi December 2011

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Hamasaki Ayumi on the cover of japanese magazine ViVi December 2o11.

Huummm... can we say gorgeous much?? I haven't liked many of her magazine covers in the past year or two, so this is a great surprise. The look in her eyes with those contacts... it's hypnotizing! No?

There isn't much about her in the magazine itself other than her usual DeijiDeiji diary. So I probably won't be getting this mag. But I still really like this cover!

What do you think of this cover?


1st snow of the season

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1st snow of the season fell last week, I believe it was... Wednesday, November 22nd! It was very pretty and beautiful, but of course that meant I was getting up earlier to shovel the snow off my car and drive to work in the slow traffic.

Some pictures for you! :3

Car covered in fluffy white snow~

Shoveling... shoveling...

Clean car! Time to go before it piles up on again...

It wasn't that bad a drive to work in the end... just slower, with lots of wet snow!

Have you had snow in your little corner of the world yet?

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