1st Giveaway winner

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Short post to announce the winner of my very 1st Giveaway!

Congratulations to...

Justine !!!

Congratulation girly! I will be getting in touch with you soon for your address~

Thanks to everyone who participated, I will have more giveaways in the future!
In the mean time...

What would you like to see being given in the next giveaway?


February Update

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February has been pretty quiet. I haven't been spending much since I will be going on a trip out of town for a week in March, so I've been trying my best to put money aside for some shopping over there. I'm crossing my fingers for unique shops and boutiques, different ones from around here anyway.

An interesting combination for February though... Bikini & Snow ! Wait. What?!

I bought a bikini a few weeks ago. I'm THAT excited for the summer, Yes!

It's in MY COLORS!!! I'm in looooove~

Anyone that's known me for a while, knows that pink and orange is my favorite color combination. It's bright, happy and very summery, reminds me of the sun, the flowers, etc. I saw this bikini as soon as I walked into SportChek and it was at the other end of the store completely. Just hanging there, on the wall, waiting for me...

Detailed close up shot.

You know what's the coolest part about it? (Other than the fact it's bright, and awesome and was super cheap and fit me almost perfectly...)

It's Reversible !!!

Ehehehe~Two bikinis for the price of one! YES! Mad happy about this buy. Almost and sort of proud too! So I've got orange/pink/white/red combination on one side, and bright pink on the other. Just looking at it cheers me up!

And now you're asking why I was talking about bikini and snow. Well, the same day, in the same store I bought...

A snowboard. You guys should have seen the look on the girl's face when I brought the bikini and the snowboard together at check out. She looked at the board. Then the bikini. Back at the board. Then at me.

Then my friend (being your typical guy) who was quietly standing by, observing, decided to let one out and said: "You gotta admit that'd be pretty hot..." The girl started blushing while every other guy around started laughing. Lol

Details on the snowboard.

You can see the wood of the board underneath from the spots they didn't put designs on...

Some of the profits go to breast cancer research.

And last but not least... my nails for February 2011.

Both hands are different. I think they are my favorite so far! I love this color combination. The white has sparkles in it too, but for some reason they didn't come out much in the pictures...

Have you ever purchased 2 completely unrelated items together at the same time? Did you get a strange look from the others around you?

Any of you ladies have started shopping for Spring and Summer yet?


Giveaway Reminder

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Just a quick reminder...

The GiveAway is Ending this coming Friday, on February 25th, at 11h59pm!

It's right =>
Here! Gossip Candy 1st GiveAway

Don't forget to tell all your friends! :)

I will make a list and use a randomizer online to raffle off the lovely package. I expect to be busy over the weekend, therefore, do not worry if you do not hear from me until next week.

Best of luck to everyone~


V-Day Choco: Part 3

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Last but not least... Choco making Part 3!

I kept the "red" chocolate for last. I wanted to use most of it to decorate the other chocolate hearts but I also ended up making a few red hearts since there was some left over.

In the end when all of them were done, I put them in little take out boxes I found at Michael's. They were perfect!!


Or as close to it as it was going to get! They were all super happy and the smile on their faces was 100% worth it!

Happy (belated) Valentine's Day everyone!

Did you ever spend a lot of time on someone's gift?


V-Day Choco: Part 2

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Part 2 of making Valentine's Day chocolate...


I used the white chocolate to make hearts, but also to try and decorate some of the other hearts I'd done the day before. (This took me 3 evenings to complete. It's very time consuming...)

At first I had a bit of a hard time because I was only using a spoon. I used piping tools for cakes and icing in the past, but I thought that would make things too easy... So I stuck with my spoon and hoped for the best!

The designed I did on them all was completely random.

After decorating them, they all went back into the fridge to make sure it chocolate set properly. I melted dark and milk chocolate to decorate the white chocolate hearts and mixed everything up to make more space in the fridge, instead of keeping them all separate.

It was so hard not to eat one!! But it was for a great cause. :)

Stay tuned... for part 3 (last) on more decorating and presentation!


Ayu modeling for UK Aquascutum

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UK based luxury clothing manufacturer and retailer, Aquascutum has chosen Ayumi Hamasaki as their new campaign model for their trench coat line to celebrate their 160th anniversary.

“Aquascutum’s Trench Coat Campaign Event” will begin nationwide on March 2nd at retail stores and department stores in Japan. At the event, the spring trench coat that Ayumi is seen wearing and other various designs will be displayed for sale. There will be a special guest to celebrate the anniversary and also if you purchase a trench coat at the event, there will be a present that comes with it. Additionally, a special 160th anniversary campaign website will launch http://www.ayu-aq.com on February 16th for a limited time of one year. Beginning on February 23rd, a message from Ayumi to fans of Aquasctum will be uploaded along with other video clips and more details of the event.

Uh... can I say HOOOOOT?!?!!

I don't know who or what this company is but they couldn't have picked better! She's SO GORGEOUS!! I don't like beige, but the last picture makes me want to get the short coat! It's so cute on Ayu!! SO CUTE!!

What do you think of Ayu here?
Would you buy a piece of clothing if it was your favorite artist modeling it?


V-Day Choco: Part 1

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For Valentine's Day this year I decided to make heart shaped chocolates to give out! I'd never done this before, so I was 100% newbie, but I was full of hope and inspiration!! So I put my hands into it.

I bought 4 different chocolates at Bulk Barn, along with molds.

I started with the chocolate milk. I boiled some water and used a glass bowl over it to use sort of as a double-boiler. I let it sit for a few minutes while the chocolate melted. I mixed everything up with a spoon and when it was evenly melted, with the spoon still, I poured chocolate into the little molds.

After filling both molds, I put them in the fridge for 15-20 minutes.

Once they were ready, I turned the molds upside down on a towel on the kitchen counter and gently tapped every little heart out.

Rinse and repeat with the rest of the chocolates. The ones above are dark chocolates. I found it was the easiest to work with.

BUT WAIT! I wasn't done after this... Stay tuned for Part 2!

Did you make something for your Valentine this year?
Or did you buy it? What was it?
Did you receive anything from anyone on V-Day?


Winterlude 2011

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Winterlude is currently on in Ottawa. It's a big snow festival that happens every year between January and February. It lasts for about 3 weeks and has tons of events, activities, you name it!

One of my favorite part (#1 favorite is skating on the Rideau Canal, looove~) is the ice sculpting competition. Sculptors from around the world gather to compete into making the coolest sculptors out of giant ice cubes.

I went out at night because it looks 10 times cooler with the colorful spot lights.

My favorite one of the bunch. If you can't see very well, it's 2 kids dressed up with boxes and pots and pans, with their reflections / shadows in the back as warrior and dragon in battle!

And of course, Winterlude is not Winterlude, without a BEAVER TAIL!

Chocolate hazelnut. Yummy~

Is there a winter festival in your city?
Have you ever seen ice sculptors live?
Which one is your favorite?

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