Pho Thi Fusion

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Two weeks ago a few girls from work and I went out for lunch on a Friday. We found this little place called "Pho Thi Fusion". We had good timing because we got the last free table. It was packed! Which gave me a really good first impression on top of the nice decor.

Some of the girls had pad thai, another curry udon. I ordered a lunch bento box. Miso soup came with it.

The prices were reasonable and it was deliiiicious~ I definitely recommend it if you're in Ottawa, they're located in the Merivale area of Ottawa and have an online website with a menu.


Moments like Diamonds

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A quick post to advertise a giveaway/blog.

Moments like Diamonds


Sara Mari is this lovely girl that's traveled to Japan 6 times already! She blogs about everything yaru/Gal and Japan related. She often posts her coordinates and has recently started a "7 ways" where she takes one clothing item and makes 7 different styles with it.

I always look forward to her new posts and have learned lots from her. You should check out, she's awesome~


1 year "anniversary"

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I don't know if I would call it an anniversary but today makes 1 year since I saw Hamasaki Ayumi live in concert.

On this day, exactly 1 year ago, I sat in the Yoyogi Arena in Tokyo, waiting excitedly, for the music to start. And when it did, I jumped to my feet and screamed at the top of my lung!!!

It was amazing. Truly a dream come true!

For memories, the pictures I took before the show.

(I attended Arena Tour ~NEXT LEVEL~ 2009 on October 21st and 22nd 2009.)

"Ayu cars" that were parked around the arena before and after the show.

Pictures from the show. (We weren't allowed to take pictures inside, these are from press. Taken from http://loveayumi.com/)

All in all, it was an amazing show! I loved it! If I could I would go see her in concert at least once a year. But Japan's a bit far and expensive... :)


Something new

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I don't like to talk about my personal life too much online, but I feel it's inevitable to mention that I'm currently going through a break-up. (I'm not looking for sympathy, or suggestions, or advices.) It's something very hard, possibly the hardest one I've had so far. In the end, I think in life certain things happen for a reason, and I hope this just means something good will come out of this whole thing eventually. Yes, I'm heart broken, yes I'm sad and I'm crying. But as everyone already knows, time heals all wounds. I'll be ok.

With every break-up, I often see it as a new start, a new beginning. A time for you (well, me in this case) to figure out what you're doing in life, what you want, where you are going, etc. A chance to make some changes and start fresh.

A lot of my girl friends start the healing process, with some of sort of make-over. Have any of you girls done that?

I haven't died or cut my hair in 5 months. I haven't cut it because I want it to grow very long, at least down to the middle of my back when straightened. I used to color my hair every 4 to 6 weeks. It was black, dark red, had high lights, lighter brown, etc. But I figured I'd give it a break for a little while because the color wasn't taking in very well anymore.

But the past week or two, even before I knew the break-up was to happen, I'd been thinking of doing something different with my hair. This is when I saw Yuma's hair on her blog (http://ameblo.jp/yuma-takahashi/) :

I don't want to go as far as going blonde, I like being a brunette. Besides, I don't think I have the face that'd go well with being blonde anyway. But I love the concept/idea! What I was thinking, would be to keep this current colour that I have, which is a mix of dark brown and lighter brown, and get the same thing as Yuma, done to my hair, but instead of blonde, it would be black

What do you think? Do you think it would turn out weird? Or it wouldn't show as much because my hair's already dark and the black might not come out well?

Another thing I was thinking of was... extensions! Since it takes so long for my hair to grow, I could get some extensions done! It's super popular in Japan and I like the idea of having long hair instantly. The only problem with this idea is that in Canada, it's twice or three times more expensive than it is in Japan.

Anyone in the Ottawa area knows a place that does extensions and isn't too expensive?

Well, they are just ideas in the air for now~


Haunted Walk

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This last Saturday on October 9th, two girl friends and I decided to go out on the town for a haunted walk. Ottawa has haunted walks tours! No joke! You pay for your ticket, present yourself at said place and time, you'll be put into a group and assigned a guide, and then you will be off to walk around town while the guide tells you stories and shows you places that are supposedly haunted! (You can find out more here: http://www.hauntedwalk.com/ )

I had done "Ghost and the Gallows" in 2008, and wanted to try out a new one this year so we went for "The Original Haunted Walk of Ottawa". Ghost and the Gallows is centered around one of the old jails situated downtown, right next to the Rideau Centre. The original haunted walk, is scattered around the downtown core, you don't just stay in one area.

Autumn season is officially here in Ontario, Canada, and I was worried I'd be cold (I was sick once this month, that's enough) so I over dressed a little. I don't take co-ordinate shots very often because my camera is very basic and I'm not good at it, but I loved this outfit so I figured I'd give it a try.

I had skinny jeans with a loose black hoodie, a brown jacket with fake fur on the hood (no sleeves) and my leopard printed scarf.

And these new winter boots I got a few weeks ago! Totally love them, they're super comfy and warm!!

First, we went for dinner at this little place down Queen street called "Green Papaya" or "Papaya Verte" in french. Tiny little place, super quite and very good. I had fried rice with beef and brocoli.

Then we met out around Elgin/Sparks for the tour. There were A LOT of people, I was surprised. I didn't take a lot of pictures because it was dark and my camera sucks in dark settings, but I tried, when I could think of it. I was absorbed in the story telling the entire time.

Our tour guide leading the way:

Some haunted school:

Fairmont Chateau Laurier:

ByTown Museum:

Sadly though, I gotta admit, it wasn't all that scary. Ghost and the Gallows REALLY gave me goosebumps, where as this one, Original Haunted Walk, didn't. Our guide was a good story telling, but there wasn't much scary about the things she said. It was just stories. They say that their stories are based on facts they found in the city's archives and that they each have at least 4 witnesses. But, the Ghost and the Gallows taking place in the old jail, sounded much more believable than this one.

But, it was still fun to go out for a night with these two new friends, try out a new restaurant and walk around town at night. Plus, it was pretty cheap (13$ teehee).


Kitty cat

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This is Suki.

She is 2 years old. Her birthday is August 14. I adopted her on October 10, 2008. She's my baby! I love her so much! <3

I love taking pictures of her, the above ones are from last year. Her eyes are amazing! She's so photogenic!

The ones below I took a week or two ago when I was sick, I was in bed a lot and she loves to sleep in my bed when the blankets are all messed up. She'll never sleep on my bed if it's made though...


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