Pale kid raps fast

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I've been crazy busy, and hopefully that means a few posts coming up soon.

But in the mean time, I'm leaving you with this video. I saw this guy on Ellen's show last week and it made my WEEK. Not just my day, but my week!


What do you think?
Like it? Think it's stupid? Funny? Weird?


GossipCandy 1st Giveaway

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It's time for GossipCandy's 1st Giveaway !!!

Ever since I joined blogger.com, I noticed many other generous bloggers doing giveaways. Basically giving their readers/followers a bunch of awesome stuff for
free! I mean really, everyone loves free stuff! Since I reached 50 followers a while back, I've decided to have my own giveaway. It's fun and I love giving to others! Plus it's super cool receiving things that you might not find in your very own country. Here's what I'll be sending out to one of you lucky gal/guy~

(I know it's very girly, but I've got a majority of female readers, so if you're a dude, then you can keep this and give it as a present to your girlfriend or sister, yes?)

What we have here:

- 2 pairs of colorful socks, one size
- 2 hair bands covered with black lace, 1 pink, 1 dark gray
- HardCandy eye shadow and eye liner

- A silver necklace with a star pendant from Claire's

- 2 bottles of NYC nail polish, 2 different shades of pink
- 1 NYC lip gloss "Extreme lip glider"

- 6 pairs of earrings: 3 pairs of studs, 3 pairs of dangling stars in 3 different colors (silver, dark gray and black)

- 2 hair pins with studded black bows

- 3 pairs of different sized hoop earrings

- 1 Nivea "Pearly Shine"
- 1 Hard Candy baked eyeshadow duo (pink/white)

Close up shots~

Like it? Want it?

Here are the Rules to enter this Giveaway!

01. You MUST be a Follower of GossipCandy

02. Comment to this post with your Name and E-mail

03. Advertise GossipCandy and this Giveaway on your blog and you get an extra entry


Please enter me in this Giveaway!
Name: Suteisi
E-mail: Suteisichan@gmail.com

= 1 Entry

If you Advertise on your blog, please make sure to add your blog address to your comment!


Please enter me in this Giveaway!
Name: Suteisi
E-mail: Suteisichan@gmail.com
Advertising: http://gossip--candy.blogspot.com/

= 2 Entries

You get the drill!

This Giveaway will close on February 25th, 2011 at 11h59pm EST.

Make sure to get your comment in on time!

Best of luck to everyone!!


Gal-icious gals

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I've been "blogging" for many years now, though I think I would qualify the first few years more as a diary then as a blog. I was on livejournal.com for the longuest time, since I was about 15 or 16 years old. I have had three (yes, three) different accounts on LJ and have enjoyed my time on there for quite some time. But in 2010, I found blogger.com, and a whole new world of blogging.

There's something different about blogspot and it just attracted me instantly. I had (and still do have) lots of friends on LJ, but it's not just not the same. Blogger isn't necessarely easier to navigate or update, but I find it more fun! It's a lot easier to follow and keep up with other blogs, and it's even easier to find new ones with specific interests. It's like a community! Everyone knows each other, chat all the time, arranges to meet up if living in the same cities, etc. I love it!

I hope to meet some of you great people in the near future!

For now, I want to share with everyone a few blogs I follow and really enjoy reading. You can find the ones I read the most in my side bar on the right. But here are a few more special ones!

Pop Champagne Julie is a girl from my city! She posts several times a week (almost every day, if not every day!) about celeb gossips and special events that are going on in Ottawa. She cracks me up! Hopefully we will be meeting up sometime this year. Which reminds me I should probably send her an e-mail this weekend...

Swtie Pie Pnai Tricia is a lovely girl from California. She swears by gyaru (aka. gal) fashion! Her fashion sense is amazing! When I see her pictures of outfits, it's like I'm looking at a japanese magazine. I love reading her blog, she's always super active in real life and talks about all of the activities she does. She recently returned for a trip to Tokyo! It brings back some memories and motivates me to save for my next adventure even more.

Bloomzy Another sweet gal that lives for japanese fashion. She's currently living and studying in Tokyo. She blogs about her life, W♥C, and often discuss specific subjects related to Japan and living in Japan. I especially love seeing all the purikuras she takes with her friends. I wish we had purikuras in Ottawa!!

Rainy Days Never Stays Thanh Thao from Germany! She recently moved to Tokyo and has just started part-time work over there. It looks like she'll be staying for a while! She's always very positive and I find her posts to always be very interesting. She talks about the people she meets and hangs out with on a weekly basis. And just like Bloomzy she posts a lot of the purikuras she takes. As well as her shopping finds and the yummy looking food she eats.

Spooning with a school boy Caroline is another girl that lives in Japan. Her blog is all about her time spent living, studying and working in the beautiful country. Every single one of her posts is impecable and seems as if she has put much thought and time into. When I found this blog, I thought I'd found a secret treasure cave. There's SO much information on Japan I'm never bored reading what she has to say. Plus she has just started a serie called Caroline's Seikatsu Advice, in which she will be writing about her own experience and possibly others on living in Japan, but also deciding weither moving and living in Japan a good choice for you!

This is all I have to offer for now. But I'm always on the hunt for more blogging personalities to keep me entertain and informed! I'll surely be back with more eventually~

What about you? Do you have favorite blogs?
Any specific subjects you prefer to read on in blogs?
Do you have any blogs of fashion and Japan related to suggest?


Pancakes and chocolate

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I never really believed in New Year resolutions. I've never known anyone that stuck with any of theirs, myself included. I don't think it's a bad thing. I just think if we stopped putting so much pressure on ourselves then maybe we'd be able to accomplish some of the things we set ourselves to do.

Last year, my only resolution was to get my driver's license and buy my first car. Which I did. I didn't set myself up for anything else because I didn't want to be disappointed with myself when I looked back at 2010.

But as I saw many of my fellow bloggers making short lists of things they wish to accomplish for 2011, I felt inspired. So instead of taking New Year resolutions, this year, I want to make a short list of goals. I'm telling myself "These are things I would like to do this year. But if it doesn't work out, it's not the end of the world and I shouldn't feel guilty for not completely said goals." Taking the pressure off! Bye bye load of bull~

01. Friends

Quality over quantity. I met a lot of people in 2010, but I only made 3 new friends. When you REALLY think about it, who do you seriously consider your friend? I always thought someone close to me had many friends and was Mr. Popular, as I discussed it with him, he made me realize that in fact, he simply knows many people, but has very few friends. Who do you feel you can truly be yourself and be accepted for who you really are deep down? I want to value the quality of my friendship with my few friends, and focus on quality over quantity.

02. Japan

Save for Japan. I know that realistically, there is no way, that I would be able to go back to Japan this year, if I continue to spend and shop as much as I have been. Plus with a brand new car, insurance and payments is a chunk coming out of my pocket, that was there before, for me to spend however I liked and wanted. I like to indulge in shopping. Sometimes I wonder if I'm not a shopaholic because it brings me happiness exactly like it does for Becca Bloomwood, without all of the financial issues... I don't want to starve myself from that, I want to save step by step, to go back to Japan, while still being able to do things I want, and spend my money as I like it. So, this is why this year, I won't likely be going back to Tokyo, but I would really like to save in order to do so in 2012.

03. Short shorts

Short shorts for the summer. This summer, I want to be comfortable enough with myself to wear short shorts ALL summer long. This implies that I will have to lose a little bit of weight. BUT, considering how I managed to lose 40 lbs all by myself in 2010. I think the extra 20 that is left to magically disappear, is a reasonable enough goal for me to be able to accomplish by May-June. As I've mentioned above, I'm not one that likes to starve myself. I don't believe in salad and meat only diets. I didn't lose 40 lbs by depriving myself of donuts and chocolate because I enjoy eating those things. Everything in moderation. Eat well. Exercise every day. Constant motivation.

04. Cooking

Become a better cook. I love to bake, but I never really enjoyed cooking. But I've come to think that eating well is important, and I want to do it for myself, by myself. I started looking at cook books recently. I have yet to find one that picked my curiosity, but I'm still looking. Amazon.ca might be my new best friend through out the next few weeks.

05. New things

Trying out new things. I find myself falling into routine a lot, probably like a lot of people, and while I feel comfortable in such routine, I often wonder "Oh but what if I tried this out?". So this year, I would like to try new things! First one being snowboarding because I hate winter, and it's one of the most boring season ever. Also, I have been thinking for a while that I would like to take up a class at a local beauty academy. I found one that has certificates avaiable for manicure, acrylic and gel nails. I've always been fascinated by nail art, so I will be looking into that. This idea is big up in the air, because I don't know if I will be able to afford it, and if they will be able to accomodate me considering I already have a full-time job. To be continued...

06. Photography

Take more pictures. I think it's time I changed my camera. When I think that my phone takes better picture than my actual digital camera does, it's a sign, right? Weither I buy a new camera or not, I would like to take more pictures. Of anything and everything. Of things I do, or just random things I come accross of. I often feel shy of taking pictures in public, but I really want to over come that, and just be spontaneous.

As I mentionned, I don't want these to become chores. They're ideas and goals I would like to accomplish. Things that I think will improve my life and how I feel about myself. But if I don't manage to accomplish some (or all) of them, then it is really not that big of a deal, because I already feel good about my life and myself.
Have you given yourself some goals for 2011?
Do you plan on taking them seriously, or just lightly?


I'm a lamp

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Lack of updates have been caused by an unforseen event aka I have been sick as a dog. I've had flus and colds. I've cut my fingers and needed stitches. I've had killer cramps, and hippopotamus migraines. But the past 5 days... I seriously thought that I was not going to make it out of the desert.

On Friday I was so sick that I lost my voice and was dizzy to the point I thought I might faint. I went to work for 30 minutes and was sent to go to a walk-in clinic. Three other girls had been sick with bronchitis before me, so they insist I see a doctor in case I was coming down with that, so that said doctor could give me something to help clear it out. I waited 20 minutes to be told "You've got what pretty much everyone in this city has, listen to your body, go sleep and drink clear liquides like there is no tomorrow". Oh great, thanks. Why did I come here again?

I slept all day Friday, up til about noon on Saturday, and up til noon again on Sunday. I had everything, stuffy/runny nose, sore throat, headaches, muscleaches, dry cough, mucus in throat, etc. You name it, I had it.

Alas I have survived (I'm a survivor ringtone, anyone?) and today is the first day I somewhat feel normal.

To stay sane I watched movies and read blogs online. One that entertained me to no end is Sarah's "The nomad's land" tumblr blog. You guys should check it out. She's from South Africa, but has been living in Japan for four years now. She's hilarious~

In other news I've been thinking of working on a new layout for Gossip Candy, and also I've gotten quite a few things for my very first giveaway. So stay tuned!
Have you been sick this season?
Was it worse than any other bug before?
How did you manage to stay sane?


Love Songs

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I received a package in the mail today!

Ayu's latest studio (12th, I believe?) album "Love Songs" released on 2010.12.22. I had pre-ordered this as it is a limited/first press edition. I heard it was big, but WOAW! It's Huuuuge! The special packaging is about as big as some of the old records.

There was a lottery to win little prizes with this release. I won a sheet of stickers~

It opens up like this...

Special edition includes: Micro SD Card, USB and DVD.

I have to admit I'm a little disappointed... the USB looks really cheap.

On the right side, there is a pocket, which this BIG photobook. So pretty!

This one is my favorite shot of the bunch. (There are several pages.)

Loves Songs... I has it!

Did you order Love Songs?
Or have you seen some of the music videos, or heard the songs? What do you think? Like, dislike?

For those that haven't ordered...
Have you ever received special packaging for something you bought before?


Hello Kitty @ Sephora

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The other day I was on http://www.sephora.com/. I rarely shop in store because I always find the make-up is over priced... that and there's so much stuff I get dizzy and don't even know where to start looking. But I love online shopping, and it's a lot easier for me to find things at Sephora when I look online. I mean, there's no one getting in the way, pushing me around and make me feel like an idiot cause I don't know what the hell I'm doing. Love it!

Long story short, I came across the following:

Hello Kitty Collection @ Sephora

I used to obsess over Hello Kitty stuff. And while it's calmed down and I haven't actually purchased anything Hello Kitty related since I came back from Tokyo, I'm REALLY EXCITED for this. I mean, even when M.A.C. came out with their Hello Kitty Collection, I wasn't THIS excited.

After searching online, I found THIS lovely page that gives out a lot of info, in fact, lots of DETAILS. Pretty much everything the collection is said to have, down to the prices they will be sold at.

Pictures of only a few selected products. It seems there'll be TONS more. But I just can't get over how freaking KAWAII are the HK face shaped bottles. At this point I almost don't even care if I will like or dislike the scent of the perfume, I just want to own the cute thing! And the polish bottle, I mean really? WHY hasn't any nail polish company thought of this first?! REALLY! I would have bought cute shaped nail polish bottles of even colors I would NOT wear.

After searching online real quick, it seems this collection will be coming out in mid-January. But you can subscribe Here to get updates and e-mails on the Collection and when it'll be available. That's exactly what I did.

I might actually have to buy a bus ticket to bus out to Rideau Centre, and avoid the high amount of stress to park downtown, just to check out this Collection in person. I mean, really, that says a lot coming from a girl that just recently swore to never taking the bus ever since she got her car a month ago.

What do you think of this Sephora X Hello Kitty Collection?
Is there Sephora in your country? Will you be checking it out?
If there isn't, do you think you'd buy online?


A wedding in Las Vegas!

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If some of you didn't know, I'm a BIG fan of Ayumi Hamasaki.

On January 2nd, she posted something on her fan club diary, something that surprised some and shocked others...

She traveled to Las Vegas...


Everyone meet Manuel "Mannie" Schwarz, Ayumi Hamasaki's brand spanking new husband! He's originally from Austria, but has been in the States for a while, as far as I could find out online. He's an actor and model, and his website (when it was online... it has been down since they announced their marriage) stated he worked for major brands such a Levi's.

Mannie was cast as an actor in three of Ayu's new music videos for her most recent album Love Songs. Ironically enough he plays her husband in the first one titled Virgin Road. And then in Love Song and Last Angel. All of which were filmed and produced in Los Angeles over the course of several weeks at the end of the year (I believe it was in November, if I remember correctly).

On Twitter, both of them had been tweeting back and forth, joking and what seemed to be flirting. But Ayu hushed it all away saying he was indeed her hubby... from the music videos...

And then BAM! On 2011.01.01, they flew to Las Vegas and registered their marriage, which I believe means they are now legally married, but haven't actually had an actually wedding ceremony. She wrote about in on Team Ayu.

Of course you can imagine what happened. It's like an atomic bomb landed on Twitter Headquarters. O.M.G. She's pregnant! She's only known this guy for so many months! What the hell is she doing? Who the hell is he? BLAH BLEH BLAH.

She hadn't admitted to anything until they got married, so I understand the shock. I was surprised myself. But really, who's business is it anyway?

Frankly, I was just really damn happy for her. Girl's 32 and had a rough 2008 and 2009. She deserves to be happy. And I'm sure this will lead to some real good damn songs in the future. I mean, look what happened to Katy Perry after she married? AWESOME ALBUM GUYS!

So there you have it. Ayumi Hamasaki, is officially, no longer single.

You go girl!~

They flew back to Japan today.
So cute! I like it~

Ayu just tweeted this picture tonight. D'aww~

What do you think of sudden marriages?
Think this could be just a fake to promote her new album that came out on 2010.12.22?


2011: Year of the Rabbit

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Image by Bara-chan @ http://bara-chan.deviantart.com/

2011 is the year of the Rabbit, also known as the Hare. The Rabbit is my chinese zodiac sign, so I have a lot of hope for this year! So far it has started well, I'm keeping my fingers crossed. I've been reading a little bit on the year of the Rabbit, online and a this has stood out to me.

"The Rabbit year is said to bring peace or at least a respite from conflict or war. Likewise, its native will do everything in his power to restore harmony or he will leave the scene."

Strangely enough (or not) this sounds a lot like me. I hate conflicts, I always try to fix things and make everything work out. I feel very stressed when things are tensed around me, and I feel other people's energy very easily as well (this is why I avoid going out on boxing day, I feel very aggressive...)
Hopefully this is true. And this year, is a peaceful one!


I hope this one is a peaceful, happy and healthy one for everyone~

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