Nicki Minaj - Super Bass

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Nicki Minaj has grown to become one of my favorite artists right now.

I've gotten D. to like some of her music, but he thinks she looks fake.

Somehow she reminds me of a gal, or gyaru, in her own little ways. Big lashes, funky hair! Personally I love her style, different looks and variety. She always has different wigs, bold make-up and wears flashy colors, outfits you wouldn't see on a daily basic in the street.

Lady Gaga has gotten a little too crazy and weird for me, I don't like her style anymore. I find Nicki to be a breath of fresh hair. Her outfits are so bright and colorful, it's like instant cheer up!

Super Bass is currently running quite popular on the radio out here and it's one of my favorite songs out of her PINK FRIDAY album.

I loved the blond and pink wig! I wish I could pull that off~

What do you think of Nicki Minaj?
Love? Like? Hate? Don't care?


Birthday gifts

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Late post about the things I received for my birthday!

I don't know if anyone's interested in seeing such things, but this blog is also like a diary for me, and I know I'll be happy to look back on this in a few years :3

Gifts at the restaurant on July 21st. That's only 2 of them...

Swarovski necklace, light pink crytal, heart shaped. Gift from D.

Mynamenecklace.com! I love it~!! Gift from my mother.

Wearing my swarovski, with my mom's 2nd gift. A moon stone necklace. Love the long chain!!

PS3's Little Big Planet 2, from my little bro.

Movies from my big sis~

My dad and his girlfriend gave me 100$ Sankyuu so much everyone!!

My friend from Australia and I sent each other birthday packages since our birthday are both in July. I received a big box o_o!! I was so surprised! Thank you so much Sharon!!

Cute letter n_____n

Maruneko! My favorite of the box. It goes "mew" when you squeeze it!

I collect shot glasses from places around the world. 1 more to the collection!

Ayupan figurines and Team Ayu (fan club) magazines. So happy! I stopped collecting these cause it got pretty expensive.

Hello Kitty rabbit year strap. Anna Sui make-up bags.

Mamegoma X3

Tiny snow globe with a swan. So pretty!

So many gifts @w@! I feel really lucky, thanks so much to everyone for a great birthday!


FIVE [Ayu Mini Album] + Ayu Contacts

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This was announced a while back but I was waiting for track list and covers to come out to speak of is on Gossip Candy.

Hamasaki Ayumi releasing FIVE, a "mini album", on August 31st 2011.

CD + DVD Cover

CD Only

CD Only -Limited Edition-

Track list

CD content.

progress (●PS3「Tales of Xillia」theme song)

ANother song feat. URATA NAOYA (●BeeTV「sweetTV」theme song)

Why... feat. JUNO (●HIS Taiwan Campaign CM song / Recochoku TV-CM song)

beloved (●Japan Television「Sukkiri!!」 theme song for August)

05. BRILLANTE (●music.jp TV-CF song)

Dvd content.

01. progress (video clip)
02. ANother song feat. URATA NAOYA (video clip)

03. Why... feat. JUNO (video clip)

04. beloved (video clip)

05. BRILLANTE (video clip)

06. progress (making clip)

07. ANother song feat. URATA NAOYA (making clip)

08. Why... feat. JUNO (making clip)
09. beloved (making clip)

10. BRILLANTE (making clip)

A song for a video game,
Tales of Xillia, thus why the anime limited edition cover.

I'm not as excited for this as I've been for previous albums. Probably because it only has 5 new songs and doesn't feel like a "real" album does.

I mean, this could have very well been split into 2 singles and then we could have had a new album at the end of the year or something along that line.
But with Ayu's life changing (aka. she got married) and the earthquake in March, I've noticed her way of doing things has changed. It's like she taking more time to focus on the things she does rather then rushing through it all. Which is good, I think.

In this album, she has 2 songs in collaboration with 2 different male singers. URATA NAOYA, whom she's performed and produced a song with already. And a new guy, JUNO. He looks tasty. Wait, what? Did I just say that out loud?!!

I like the CD Only, bust shot cover, but the other two leave me going "meh". I don't like the font they used for her name and in the face shot she looks very manly to me. I don't know if it's the hair or the eyebrows or what, but I don't find it feminine at all, and to me Ayu is all about being feminine. I could care less for the anime cover, I mean, if it'd been HER as an anime character then OK, but this one doesn't say or remind me of Ayu at all.

In other news,
on the exact same date, a collection of color contact lenses will be released! Seems to be some kind of collaboration 「浜崎あゆみ × SWEET DAYS」

I don't know if they were designed by Ayu or if they just affiliated with her to use her name. Maybe they'll be using her as spokes person for this serie of lenses, who knows. I'd love to see a photo shoot of her wearing each one of them, but that's probably just me dreaming.

You can view everything in details with better pictures of the lenses Here

What do YOU think of Ayu's "FIVE" mini album? What do you think of the covers? What about the contact lenses? Would you buy any of them?


Birthday Part 2

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Part 2 of my birthday that was on July 22nd. As per my previous post on this subject, I went to the restaurant with my mother on July 21st.

On July 22nd I was up early (I usually sleep in, but it was a really nice day out and I was excited!) so out of bed I went and headed to my father's place. He has a big backyard with a deck, BBQ and a pool, so that's what I set to do for the day! A day by the pool and BBQ with family and friends.

It was nice and sunny ALL day long!

A few pictures to commemorate the day I turned 24 years old...

My big sister brought me balloons :3

And she decorated the deck!

We found out that Nicky REALLY likes Ice Caps from Tim Horton's!

BBQ !!!

And cake of course~

Birthday gets coming soon...

What do you like to do for your birthday?


Chunky Bling

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Earlier in July, Chunky Bling got in touch with me for advertisement. I was surprised, honestly, I never thought I'd be approached to advertise something on my blog. I saw this has a great opportunity and accepted their partnership.

Chunky Bling is an online jewelry company based in Utah, USA. They have watches, bracelets, rings and necklaces. All made with beads, crystals and all types of blings you can think of.

Doug of
Chunky Bling was super pleasant to deal with and he offered to send me a piece of jewelry from the website. I choose the Swarovski White Pearl ring (http://chunkybling.com/rings/swarovski-pearl-white). I already have plenty of necklaces and am not someone that wears watches or bracelets very often so I thought a ring would be perfect. Within a week and a half I received my package!

Cute note!

The ring~

It looks fantastic! For such a low price I was honestly, pleasantly surprised at the quality of the product. It has a string underneath the beads, so it stretches a little to fit certain ring sizes, but it's not super elastic that it's uncomfortable.

Ever since I got it, I've worn it several times at work and have not taken it off all day.

Over all, I'm super pleased and honored to be part of this new partnership. The jewelries look awesome, they are affordable and Chunky Bling's customer service was great!

If you're interested in having a look, you can click on the link in my side bar ==>

It's worth a look, costs nothing and you might end up finding something you like for yourself or as a gift for someone you love! I know I'll be getting a bracelet for my mother for Christmas!

What do you think of Chunky Bling? What about my ring? Would you order from them?


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