Birthday gifts

Posted by Suteisi ♥ at 11:21 AM
Late post about the things I received for my birthday!

I don't know if anyone's interested in seeing such things, but this blog is also like a diary for me, and I know I'll be happy to look back on this in a few years :3

Gifts at the restaurant on July 21st. That's only 2 of them...

Swarovski necklace, light pink crytal, heart shaped. Gift from D.

Mynamenecklace.com! I love it~!! Gift from my mother.

Wearing my swarovski, with my mom's 2nd gift. A moon stone necklace. Love the long chain!!

PS3's Little Big Planet 2, from my little bro.

Movies from my big sis~

My dad and his girlfriend gave me 100$ Sankyuu so much everyone!!

My friend from Australia and I sent each other birthday packages since our birthday are both in July. I received a big box o_o!! I was so surprised! Thank you so much Sharon!!

Cute letter n_____n

Maruneko! My favorite of the box. It goes "mew" when you squeeze it!

I collect shot glasses from places around the world. 1 more to the collection!

Ayupan figurines and Team Ayu (fan club) magazines. So happy! I stopped collecting these cause it got pretty expensive.

Hello Kitty rabbit year strap. Anna Sui make-up bags.

Mamegoma X3

Tiny snow globe with a swan. So pretty!

So many gifts @w@! I feel really lucky, thanks so much to everyone for a great birthday!


EЯI ♡ on August 28, 2011 at 1:16 PM said...

You got so many gorgeous presents! I'm so envious of the Ayu stuff you got~


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