Chocolate mousse... in a box!

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A little over a week ago, I had a friend coming over for dinner. A friend I hadn't seen in a long time, so I went all out... ON DESSERT!

I had this box laying around for a while and finally decided to put it to good use.

"Chocolate Royale"

The box claims it only takes 10 minutes to make. I didn't time it, but I'm pretty sure it took me more than 10 minutes since I was pausing and taking pictures of everything.

Basically, in the box, you have 3 bags, for 3 layers in the mousse. First, you take a square plate and grease it up!

Then, put the content of the 1st bag, in a bowl. And melt one cup of butter or margarine.

You should keep 1 spoonful of the crushed cookies (they don't say what it is, but it looked a lot like very well crushed oreo cookies to me). I used a big spoon, to later realize I'd only needed to keep a small one. This is for decorating at the end.

Mix the crushed cookies with the melted margarine until it's sticky. Tightly press all of the content at the bottom of the greased plate.

I used a fork, I found that's what was easiest to work with. Then, put in the fridge while you make the other layers.

Next step. Put the content of the 2nd package in a big bowl with 1 cup of cold milk. This package contented light brown powder. Smelled a little like chocolate.

Beat everything together on low for 2 minutes. And then on high for 3 minutes. The end result:

Apply on top of the crushed cookie layer. I used a spatula. Put back into the fridge.

Then on with the last layer. The 3rd and final package into a bowl, with 3/4 cup of cold milk. This powder looked the same as the previous one, but was much lighter.

I used the same bowl. Will be faster to clean afterwards :3 Beat on high for 2-3 minutes.

Apply on top of previous layers.

Last step! Remember that spoonful of crushed cookies? Sprinkle on top!

Put in the fridge for at least 1 hour. Then it's ready to serve!



Resident Evil: Afterlife

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This past weekend I saw Resident Evil: Afterlife.

I've been waiting for it for a very long long time! I'm a big Resident Evil movie fan. I never played the games, and I never intend to. I'll watch my friends play, but I'll never play. Plans for me to have a heart attack and die. Anyway.

I really liked it! I like all of the Resident Evil movies. I love horror, suspense and zombies. Which this movie has, all of it. I noticed the reviews online are quite mixed, people either love it or hate it.

I do have to admit that the focus was put on the special effects that go with the 3D. If you want a deep storyline with characters that develop on many level, Afterlife will not deliver for you. It's about beautiful people fighting off monsters. Lots of guns, fights, special effects, blood, etc.

RE: Afterlife is the continuation of Extinction, 6 months later to be exact. Alice wants to finish all of this by finding and rescuing her friends and other survivors, as well as destroying Albert Wesker, whom was seen in the last scene of Extinction, hiding in his Tokyo Umbrella Headquarters.

They are bringing back a few characters and putting in new ones. New zombies, new creatures, new mutations. A whole bundle of fun!

But what I liked the most was the music! That movie has some REAL epic music! I was so amazed, through out the ENTIRE film, I wanted to take out my guitar (imaginary) and start rocking out on stage. No joke. Really good music!

A lot of the special effects reminded me of Matrix. And the big Axeman guy you see in the trailer (or as they call him on Wikipedia "The Executioner") reminded me a lot of Pyramid Head from Silent Hill.

But I found my heart pouding through out the whole movie, and I jumped in my seat several times too.

All in all, I give this movie 4.5/5. .5 missing because I wished it'd ended a bit differently. But overall Resident Evil: Afterlife was very good and entertaining. Definitely getting this on Blu-ray when it comes out!


Wasabi Sushi Bar

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A few weeks ago, a friend of mine discovered an online group at meetup.com that met up once a month to try out new restaurants and be social. Basically you go out to eat and meet new people. They were meeting at Wasabi Sushi Bar downtown, which I hadn't been to, so I, of course, accepted!

It was very busy, so I didn't dare to take pictures of the restaurant itself. It was dark so I would have had to used a flash and I didn't want to disturb the other customers.

This is their website: http://www.wasabisushibar.ca/

It was a bit expensive, but it is to be expected out of a sushi bar. But it was delicious!

While it was very good. I still like Suisha Garden (http://www.japaninottawa.ca/) better. I like the atmosphere and the service is a 5 stars rating without a doubt!


La Ronde - Amusement Park

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On September 5th, my sister, a few other people and I went out to La Ronde! La Ronde is a big amusement park in Montreal. Montreal is about 2 hours drive from where I live, so we left early in the morning to be there at the opening.

I'd been to La Ronde several times before. The last time I went was 3 years ago. There were new rides since I went last.

It's situated on an island, so it's surrounded by water. Some rides it looks like you're going to fall in the water! Super scary!!

(This might be a bit picture heavy. I'm sorry!)

Montreal is bilingual, but La Ronde is mostly french. Instructions for the rides are bilingual, but the names of the rides are all in french only. A lot of them can easily be translated though. Judge for yourself!

This is the 1st ride we did:

In this one, you're sitting with your feet dangling. Upside down and all round!

I was really scared I was going to loose my shoes at one point! Lol

Next one:

This one you're standing! Upside down, all around too!!

And then this one. This was one I said I'd never do. Somehow though they managed to convince me.

Basically, it lifts you up really fast up to the top. When it went up I was thinking "Hey this isn't so bad!" and then they let you fall.

O_O !!!!!!!!!!!!

Free fall!! I lifted from the seat!! I never screamed so hard in my entire life! I was REALLY scared!! Lol

Goliath is the highest and longest ride of them all!

"Le Monstre" is my favorite. It as always been since the 1st time I tried it. It's hard to take a picture of it because it's so huge. You can see a little bit of it behind the sign. It's made out of wood! A lot of people are scared it's not strong enough. But I love it!! There are 2 rides in that one, and when we went in, the other one was going up at the same time, so we kept crossing each other through the entire time!

While you wait to go to Ednor, there are TVs and posters telling the legend of Ednor. It's like a mini loch ness in the lake surrounding the island.

This ride was built completely on top of water! And it's shape resembles a water snake :) Sitting with dangling feet on this one too.

This new one is funny! You're sitting in what looks like a boat designed like a log! And you're in water! Suuuper fun!!

I can't remember the name of these next two...

And then there was a rainbow at the end of the day :)


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