I'm it!

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Found this on http://soyconfessions.blogspot.com/

She tagged everyone reading her blog. So here goes!

I'm IT!
1. Who or what is your inspiration?

Hamasaki Ayumi has been a big inspiration for a long time. My mother also. Everything she went through her childhood and still she turned out amazing. The guy I'm dating right now. He's super motivated and it pushes me to do more and try new things!

2. What is your makeup brand?
M.A.C. Been for a year and a half now. Once you got M.A.C. you don't go back~ Hahaha!

3. What is your favorite makeup brand?
Well, I really like M.A.C of course, since that's what I've been using for a while. But I'd really like to get my hands on some Dolly make-up by Tsubasa. Big trend that recently came out in Japan, it looks like an awesome brand!

4. Would you rather go out with no makeup on with done hair, or undone hair and finished makeup?
Done hair and no make-up. Then again, done hair for me is clean and straightened out like I do everything. If you meant, "every day hair" and done make-up, then I'd go with that. If not, I can do with just hair and no make-up. I think...

5. Name 5 things that's in your bag:
Interesting how I just made a post about my bag not long ago.
1. Cellphone
2. iPod Touch
3. Wallet
4. Make-up bag
5. Hand mirror

6. Name something every makeup enthusiast should have:
Mascara I find makes ALL the difference with the eyes, even without eyeliner.

7. When you were young, what did you want to be when you grow up?
Animations and cartoons for TV.

8. What is your favorite clothes shop?
Err... Do I really have to pick just one? I really like Smart Set for work clothes and BoatHouse for "down time" clothes. Chateau for special occasions.

12 likes, 1 love, and 8 hates.

1. I like bananas and strawberries in chocolate fondue.
2. I like going out for breakfast with the guy I'm dating.
3. I like shopping and coming home with tons of bags.
4. I like driving without a purpose while listening to music.
5. I like playing World of Warcraft. (Yes, I just admitted to that, shh!)
6. I like reading Shokotan's blog even if I can't read kanji to save my life.
7. I like taking pictures and study photography even if I'm not good at it.
8. I like the warm evenings and nights of the summer.
9. I like to try out new restaurants.
10. I like to care for the ones I love.
11. I like to go to the drive-in theaters.
12. I like to go on spontaneous road trips.

1 love
1. I love to Laugh. <3

8 hates
1. I hate bugs.
2. I hate selfishness.
3. I hate humidity, makes my hair frizzy, ugh.
4. I hate to be/feel rushed.
5. I hate having to choose between two people.
6. I hate waking up before my alarm clock rings.
7. I hate not being in control of the situation.
8. I hate having to depend on others.

Tag your it! :D

You guys can all do it if you like! Just for fun!
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