Ayu produces false eyelashes too!

Posted by Suteisi ♥ at 8:09 PM
I had been playing with the idea of trying out fake eyelashes for some time, probably just as long as I've been thinking about colored circle lenses. To me, they go together, but I probably won't be trying them together at the same time for the first time. Or should I?

It seems
DollyWink have been very popular with western gals, so I was just about ready to order a pair or two online, when news of Ayu releasing her very on false eyelashes came out! (Yeah, yeah I know, I posted about Ayu already once this week, but what do you want me to say? This is how it works with her, she releases everything practically all at the same time! And I can't help but talk about it! It's Ayu AND make-up related.)

There are three (3) lines: Natural Days, Gorgeous Days and Royal Days, ranging from natural volume to more dramatic. Within each line there will be 12 different types of lashes.

The price is
1,480 yen per pack and each pack contains 3 sets of lashes!

1,480 yen! That's totally reasonable, don't you think?

Honestly I don't know why she waited so long to do this.

Natural Days no. 1

Natural Days no. 2

Natural Days no. 3
Natural Days Bottom no. 1

Gorgeous Days no. 4

Gorgeous Days no. 5

Gorgeous Days no. 6

Gorgeous Days Bottom no. 2

Royal Days no. 7

Royal Days no. 8

Royal Days no. 9

Royal Days Bottom no. 3

My favorite ones out of the bunch: Naturals Days no.1, Gorgeous Days no.6 and Royals Days no.7. Personally I don't care for bottom lashes so I'll be leaving these out for now.

These have been on sell at mu-mo since September 22nd, and they will be sold all over Japan starting September 30th. I haven't managed to figure out a way to order them from mu-mo.net yet (they have an international website affiliated with Tenso which gives you an address in Japan so that you may order from Japanese online websites that don't ship internationally), but you can view all of them here on the Japanese website here. If you guys know how to get your hands on these, please let me know!! I'd really like to order two or three pairs to try them out!

Until next time~~~

Note: If you want to use the pictures included in this blog entry, please make sure to credit and don't remove my blog tag. I took the time to put them all together from mu-mo. It was a bit time consuming... Thank you very much!

What do you think of these lashes? Will the fact that Ayu produced them herself, influence you into buying them? Or are false eyelashes not your thing? Tell me what you think!


karisuma gyaru on September 26, 2011 at 8:46 AM said...

well, as you know, i really don't like Ayu, so the fact that she is marketing them would definitely not inspire me to buy them... also, 1400yen is quite a bit higher than everything else that's on the market at the mo.

that said, they look quite good, and i really like that they've paired kits of bottom lashes to go with the upper ones. usually, it's really hard to find good bottom lashes, cuz they're either too crazy or barely there with no in between.

maybe i'll try 'em out one day... although i've never seen them in the stores before...

oh and, if you wanna try lashes, there's nothing to be worried about! especially if you're going for more natural ones... it won't look as crazy as you're thinking it will ^_-

Maria May on September 26, 2011 at 10:10 AM said...

Ayumi made her own falsies? :O That's amazing! I would totally buy them and thats not only because she made them but also because i really like the design of them. They are not too flashy ^^

Suteisi ♥ on September 26, 2011 at 5:06 PM said...

@Kari: Ohh yeaaahh I knooooowww. Mais j'peux pas m'empecher de les aimer les maudit cils!!!!! Lol C'est plus fort que moi!

Apparently they are going on sale everywhere in Japan starting September 30th, that's probably why you haven't seen any yet... They were on pre-order online starting Monday Sept 26, but it seems they sold out already >______<''

You think you can do me a favor and buy me some if you come across them while you're randomly shopping? I don't want to abuse of the little tiny friendship we have (are starting? I don't even know!) so if you don't want to that's totally cool, I'll figure out a way to get my hands on them. It's just you're the only one I feel comfortable enough to ask LOL


@Maria May: Yeeeepp! They have just been released, I totally wasn't expecting that HONESTLY! I never thought she'd come out with stuff like this but I'm really excited that she is n____n

❖❖мoɴιcα-αι❖❖ on September 29, 2011 at 1:56 AM said...

wow I had no idea she made her own line. I haven't seen it around yet. Maybe I'll try it :) but it's kind of pricey..


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