X-Men First Class

Posted by Suteisi ♥ at 8:44 AM
X-Men First Class picks up many years before the previous movies. It tells the story of the first X-Men coming together as a team and their struggle to fight against evil together. While I don't think this is exactly how Marvel originally wrote it, in this movie, you learn how Magneto and Professor X became friends, and later rivals. You also learn about Mystique, Beast, Havoc and several others.

I enjoyed this movie. I'm an X-Men fan from the old cartoons that played at midnight on Teletoon. While I was OK with the previous movies, I thought this one was far better. I liked their choice of actor 10 times better for a start. (Storm is my favorite X-Men and I hate that they picked Haley Berry, there are MUCH better actresses out there. But all the other ones sucked too, with the exception of Wolverine and Prof X. That's just my opinion though.)

My favorite was Michael Fassbender playing Erik Lehnsherr aka Magneto. I think he was perfect in his role. I found myself feeling for him, his pain, anger and frustration. Young Charles Xavier was great also, I thought that they had great chemistry on screen.

Mystique looked great both as human and mutant, though I feel she wasn't much more than that, just a pretty face. I wasn't able to relate to her when she was struggling with the way she looks. Mutant or not, I believe every girl struggles with their appearance and self-esteem at one point (or several) in their life, myself included, and I didn't feel anything coming from her.

Havoc and Banchee were pretty cool, though we don't get to see much when it comes to their character evolving. I liked what they did with Beast, I wasn't expecting that part at all.

Kevin Bacon was horrible as usual. I don't like him as an actor, and this movie hasn't changed my mind at all. Sorry man, you just (still) don't cut it.

Over all though I liked this movie, it was entertaining, the effects were great and I liked the story and the way it developped. I liked the characters in this movie better than the other one (I came to dislike a lot of them in the previous movies. In this one, I only dislike Wasp/Angel.)

In the end, this movie was worth my 10$.


Jenny on June 7, 2011 at 9:39 AM said...

Going to see it this Saturday weeeeeee!!! What, Kevin Bacon is IN IT!? Geezus, I had no idea. I can sorta see WHY they'd want to not advertise that hahahaha!

Saving Capulet on June 8, 2011 at 1:52 PM said...

oh i was feeling kind of hesistant when i saw this, I thought it's a DVD movie for me, but thanks for your review, Now i plan on watching it in the cinema xD


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