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In January I wrote a short article about Sephora releasing an Hello Kitty Collection which consisted of brushes, blushes, nails polishes, fragrances and several other items. While I quite liked the look of the Collection and took the time to investigate it in person in store, I didn't buy any of them.

While everything was very cute and good looking, I thought there were too expensive and I already had everything I needed in my make-up bag. Personally, I would have been paying for the look of the product (cases, logos, boxes, bottles) more than for the make-up itself.

Well what do you know, a second collection was released this month Hello Kitty Graffiti. With a more vibrant, dare I say screaming, look!

Similar items as the previous collections, same brush stand/case but with graffitis all over it instead and some of the brushes are tinted with different colors. A compact mirror, a new fragrance bottle and eyeshadow palette all covered in graffitis. New with this collection is a Make-Up Bag.

While browsing the Sephora website, I also noticed they have a few new items along the lines of "Memoirs of a Kitty" (2 eye shadow palettes, make-up bag, a notebook) which were not there before with the previous collection. These ones have a more feminine look with cherry blossom designs on them.

And also a "Combination set" of brushes, eyeliners and an Hello Kitty brush stand covered in Swarovski for a whopping 495$.

On July 14th, the Hollywood & Highlands Sephora hosted an event to welcome the new collection into store. The one and only Yuko Yamaguchi, creator of Hello Kitty, made an apperance. The first 125 people that made a 50$ Hello Kitty purchase received a wristband that guaranteed them a chance to meet Mrs Yamaguchi and get her to sign on of their items.

Lucky them!!

While I really like the new look of these items (especially that make-up bag! Wonder if I could figure out a way to turn it into a wallet?!), I'm still sitting on the fence, undecided if I will ever purchase on of these. I'm still dreamingly staring at the nail polish bottles, SO CUTE!

You can view all of the Sephora Hello Kitty collection at www.sephora.com

What do you think of this new collection "Hello Kitty Graffiti"? Like it? Love it? Better or worse than the previous one?


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Pop Champagne on August 9, 2011 at 12:22 PM said...

the graffiti hello kitty is really cool! and ya totally more screaming :)


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