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Posted by Suteisi ♥ at 9:38 AM
I've been a fan of Gaga since her beginning. I went to her show (got tickets last minute) when she came to town in November 2009, just after The Monster Fame was released. I loved it, it was an excellent concert. I've danced to her songs countless times and still do, some of those songs even became my ringtones for certain periods of time. That being said though, I'm not a die hard fan. To me, she's not a goddess, or a leader or any of those qualifications some fans seem to be giving her. She's a great singer, an awesome performer and a shocker. That's what she does, she likes to shock. Just as Madonna did a long time ago.

A while ago Lady Gaga's second studio album cover was released.

And then came the cover of the "Deluxe Edition".

What. The. Hell.

As much as I like her and her music, I don't even know if I'll buy the album just because I find the cover so horrendous. And I'm not evene exagerating.

It's like a cheap photoshop job on low budget. Anyone with little graphic/editing knowledge can do this in their basement. I'm so disappointed Gaga. So disappointed.

Coming out on May 23rd, the "normal" edition 14 tracks including Born This Way, Judas and the recently released (this week) Edge of Glory. While the "delux" edition has 17 tracks on the first disc, and 5 remixes on the second disc.

Tracklist: (Deluxe Edition, minus remixes)

1. Marry The Night
2. Born This Way
3. Government Hooker
4. Judas
5. Americano
6. Hair
7. Scheiße
8. Bloody Mary
9. Black Jesus † Amen Fashion
10. Bad Kids
11. Fashion of His Love
12. Highway Unicorn (Road to Love)
13. Heavy Metal Lover
14. Electric Chapel
15. The Queen
16. Yoü and I
17. Edge of Glory

While I dislike the covers, I'm excited to hear the new material. I like Born This Way and have had Judas on repeat in my car for the past two weeks.

I think this is the first music video of hers that I genuinly like since Poker Face.

What do you think of Lady Gaga? What about her new album? The covers? Are you liking any of the new songs that have been playing on the radio lately? Have you been to one of her shows?


bouncybrown on May 14, 2011 at 1:13 AM said...

You're so right... I look at the cover and all I see is "low budget." For someone so musically creative, her album cover totally sucks.

Caroline Josephine on May 15, 2011 at 9:24 AM said...

I've hated the cover since it was reveled x_x. I heard so many bad things about 'Born this way' and I haven't even bothered to listen to it yet... figure I'll just wait until the CD drops and I'll just give it all a good listen.


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