Thor: God of Thunder

Posted by Suteisi ♥ at 11:24 AM

Thor is your typical arrogant prince. He's strong and knows it, but it's also gone up to his head a little too much. He does something stupid and is exiled to Earth by his father, the King of Asgard.

I'm a superhero fan, even though I admit not having read many comics, I used to watch the cartoons on Saturday mornings. Before this movie came out, I hadn't heard of Thor and had no idea who/what he was. What I had heard of was Chris Hemsworth, as he was Capt. J. Kirk's father in the most recent Star Trek movie. He's in the begin there for 5 minutes but I recongnized his face as soon as I saw it. So. Freaking. Handsome.

I found he played the role very well and I believed his character 100%. Though it was Anthony Hopkins that surprised and amazed me the most. We're used to seeing him as a creep in a lot of movies, this one is totally different and made me see him in a different light. I was very glad they picked him for the role, he looked like a true king.

I found the relationship between Thor and Jane Foster was boring. There was nothing there, I didn't feel any chemistry between them. Not that I was expecting much, I mean, it IS a superhero movie after all. But after seeing Tony Starks and Pepper Pots, I was a little disappointed by this.

That being said though, I liked Thor more than Iron Man. It probably has to do with the fact I like magic, alternate universes and shiny things.

So if you were on the fence about going to see this movie, go ahead, I think it's definitely worth it. If you don't like the story, well at least you will have seen Thor/Chris Hemsworth without his shirt on.

Thor will be back in The Avengers set to come out in 2012. And you can see Chris Hemsworth in his other projects too in the mean time. (I heard he'll be playing the Huntsman, in Snow White, also coming out in 2012, totally excited about that!)


In Palace on May 18, 2011 at 1:51 PM said...

hot men!

karisuma gyaru on May 19, 2011 at 3:01 AM said...

thor is a very famous/important part of nordic mythology... so he's not really a superhero :p (i love mythology...)

this is probably gonna come out in japan in like a year, if it does at all so i dunno if i have any hopes of seeing it, but it's defintely something i'd wanna see!

PS: i can never see any of your pictures when i'm at school, but everytime you post pics that aren't yours (like now) i can see them fine. i wonder what's up with that??


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