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A post on iPhone/iPoud touch/iPad game apps that are fashion related! You like fashion, I like fashion, we like fashion, let's go!

(Note: All these are simulation games, unless you have magical powers or are very rich, it is very unlikely that your life is like these in the game. Please spend responsibility *aka. Don't become a shopaholic and blame it on me! ~ Also I'm not paid for this article. I just like these silly games very much!)

1st App: Top Girl

In top girl you're a young aspiring model! You have to work jobs for an agency, while working jobs you earn coins.

With coins you can buy "day" clothes and "night clothes". Day clothes you wear while working, you must have a certain amount of "day appropriate points". Night clothes you were for clubbing, you must have a certain amount of "hotness points" in order to enter the different steps of each career, modeling and clubbing levels.

And what do you go to the club for other than picking up guys?!!

There are 3 types of guys, all 3 give a different bonus when you are dating them. 1 gives more coins while working, 1 gives more clothes points and the last gives you more energy (fills up you coffee/energy bar faster - you need the energy to work! Once you have spent all your energy on working, you must wait for it to come back up to work again).

When dating your boyfriend, you can flirt and kiss him. After 10 kisses he gives you a gift, but there is a time lock of 90 minutes between each kiss. As you unlock levels through out the game, you can get more items (more day/night points clothes, better paying jobs, manlier boyfriends with better bonuses) and travel to other cities.

Needless to say, this sounds really silly but Top Girl is not a top rated and played game on iTunes. I like it a lot!


2nd App: Fashion World

Fashion World is pretty much like Top Girl, but a simpler version, oriented more towards younger girls. I don't know for you, but I don't think I would want my 5 year old daughter to be playing Top Girl.

Just like in Top Girl, you have to work jobs to earn coins. With coins you can buy clothes, again, day and night clothes. You unlock new job levels by buying clothes, so your closet size will determine when you can move on to another job. You can buy tickets to enter modeling contests as well. So the night clothes are for modeling contests not to pick up guys (in Top Girl you use your nights clothes for BOTH runaway contest and getting a boyfriend).

The only difference with Top Girl is that there are no boyfriends and you've got to admit, the graphics are WAY more attractive. Vibrant colors, cute characters and WAY better looking clothes.

I like Fashion World better than Top Girl only because it LOOKS better to me. I know everyone says "Don't judge a book by it's cover" but I do anyway, for books, games, everything. Eep, sorry!

Last but not least...

3rd App: World of Fashion

If you've heard of, or have been playing the very popular "Fashion Story" well World of Fashion won't be anything new to you, except I personally think it's a BETTER version of Fashion Story.

In World of Fashion you get to manage your own boutique! Decide of the decor and order clothes to be displayed and sold in your very own store. So yeah, pretty much exactly the same as Fashion Story, but I prefer World of Fashion because I like the design options and the clothes better. Also, unlike Fashion Story, there isn't a damn advertisement popping in your face every 2 minutes!!

Tribute to Lady Gaga, anyone?

How do you feel about such game apps?

Had you heard of these game apps before? Do you play any of these? If you hadn't heard of them, think you will give them a look now?


karisuma gyaru on October 20, 2011 at 5:38 AM said...

i was playing It Girl (you call it top girl?) on facebook before, and i really liked it but stopped playing, for 2 reasons... first, you can't do anything if you don't have a lot of fb friends who are also playing, and second, all the cool things, you had to pay for them with REAL money, which was not gonna happen. i thought it was a good concept, but if you can't play it properly, it gets old reaally quick.

i'm totally addicted to The Sims on facebook though... XD

Suteisi ♥ on October 20, 2011 at 8:10 AM said...

It Girl and Top girl aren't the same. It Girl is in link with Facebook, Top Girl can be played off line and you don't need Facebook or any friends for that matter. For that reason it's not on Facebook, only iPhone/iPod. This is what I like about it so much because I don't get Wi-Fi every where I go, yet I can still play it no problem. Yes there are things you can buy with real money but you get some cash from completing quests, I've gotten a few items that are "real money only" that way.

Basically I think Top Girl is a better, more versatile version of It Girl! :)

karisuma gyaru on October 20, 2011 at 11:04 PM said...

aaah, i see. yeah, it sounds much better!

i don't have an iphone though so :p


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