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JUNO x Ayumi Hamasaki modeling for the new japanese fashion brand.

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4th shot is my favorite, but I'm really liking the first one also. The 1st shot was released as a spoiler for the fashion brand, and there were many questions as to whom the young woman was. Of course there were many speculations, but with a few hints, some dedicated fans found out it was Ayu. In that shot you can see the woman is wearing a red ribbon bracelet on her right arm, this is something Ayu has been doing for quite sometime now. She wears a red bracelet as a sign that she's always connected with her fan club "Team Ayu" and her fans. I don't like her lips in the 2nd shot, but this seems to be a very popular "trend" in Japan right now, I've seen several models with the same "duck lips" expression that is enhanced with make-up.

LANDS of Eden website: http://www.l-o-e.jp/

This seems to be a unisex brand. You can view part of their collection on the website. I could easily see myself shopping there, it seems to be a brand aimed at women their 20s. Not too many bright colors as I've liked recently, but you'll rarely see bright colors for Fall/Winter Collections. LANDS of Eden advertisements.

There was a grand opening event recently, JUNO and Ayu were both there for the press!

They look like they have good chemistry!

What do you think of this new brand? Think "LANDS OF Eden" is a bit too cheesy or you like it? What about the modeling shots of Ayu and JUNO together?


Maria May on October 10, 2011 at 7:18 AM said...

F'ing hot photoshoot! :O gave me the chills ..
and the brand seems cool. Hope i will see it in stores when i come down there ^^

ベーサ on October 10, 2011 at 12:11 PM said...

I think the photoshoot is good, but some of the clothes are so ripped off, I'd like to see how they look for real!

I think I could shop there and find nice stuff... :)

karisuma gyaru on October 11, 2011 at 7:30 AM said...

he's pretty...........

but it looks like they have zero chemistry together, so the shots are kinda meh.

also, that's not duck lips she's doing. duck lips is the weird thing that Tsubasa does with her mouth. and it's also very last year :p

i've never heard of this brand before though. also, if it's being sold in Laforet, i probably can't afford it! XD


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