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On July 30th, my older sister, little brother, his girlfriend and I all decided to try out this new attraction in the area we live in. The Calypso Waterpark!

It just opened this year in June and we had been talking about going for quite some time now. Finally we all had a day off at the same time and the required funds to go. 30$ entrance fee, 5$ for parking and another 5$ for a locker.

They have this neat system where, if you want to, they will take your finger print and create an account for you. In that account you can add a credit card or simple deposit a certain amount of money. With that, you don't need to carry any money or plastic with you around the park when going to the restaurants or boutiques! You simply present your finger, press on the special scanner and it will deduct the amount of money you spent on items and/or food. They then print a receipt with the amount left on your account. I thought that was brilliant!

We got there at opening time which was 10am. There were plenty of chairs available. We took our spots!

This one was mine! n____n

Right in front of where we were sitting, the wave pool! It wasn't as big as they pro-claim it to be on their website. But it was tones of fun!!

These slides were the first ones we tried. Paired in two, you get tubes, go up and come down! The turquoise is completely dark (called "Black Hole"), the green is dark in some spots, light in others (called "Turbulence") and the blue one (called "Zoomerang") is... well, the most exciting one of the three!

Pretty much, you go in a circle and then suddenly DROP! But I mean DROP in an almost straight line and then go up and back down (backwards!!) to the pool. My sister and I went so high up on that larger part, I thought we were gonna touch the top part of it x____x Let's just say we screamed so hard people were laughing at us when we landed at the bottom!

After that we headed to these two bigger ones. Blue and yellow. Both are group slides, so you get a big tube for 4 to 6 people. These ones were my favorites in the whole park.

The blue one (called "Canyon Rafting") is open, just going back and forth in circles, it's really fast and lots of water's splashing everywhere. In some turns we went up really high against the side of the slide, at one point I thought my brother was gonna fly on the other side of the tube if he hadn't been holding on! It was hilarious!

And then the yellow one (called "Boomerango"). Oooh yellow slides! The scariest one of them all. Basically it's the same as the blue one with tubes paired in two, but... BIGGER! And you go down even FASTER! When going down, we ALL lifted all from the tubes (hold on tight guys!). I was screaming and shocked on air at one point! It was INTENSE!! But I LOOOVE it! It was awesome! I wanted to do it again, but my brother's girlfriend was too scared~

After that, we wanted to chill a little so we tried out the "Jungle Run". Which is this little river you go into with a floating device and just let yourself be pushed through. The current was a lot stronger than I thought it would be, it was fun!

We then headed for a little break for drinks and tanning at the Hawaii Beach Bar! Really cute area with sand, little huts, tables and a bar.

My sister and I's drinks~

Then we went back to try out more slides.

The red ("Hot Dip") and white ("Frosty Drop") ones were singles, you went in by yourself, on your back and slide down into a round slide. You basically go round and round and round and then fall at the bottom. I didn't try those because I was worried to hurt my back (to which my sister confirmed when she tried them).

Behind the red and white slides, are yellow ("Acid Testing") and black ("Steamer") slides.

These two are paired in two tubes. You go down in circles, round and round and then drop into a whole and slide into the pool below. The black one is spraying steam and water on top of your head as you go around, I couldn't see a single thing. Lol

This one is called "Fast track". Basically you go up with "carpets" and have a race down with others. It wasn't as great as I thought it was going to be. My brother won the race n____n''

And of course there are spots for kids ("Pirate's Aquaplay" and "Zoo Lagoon").

We went back to do the big blue slide and some of the smaller ones through out the day while enjoying the wave pool, some tanning and chatting.

Great day over all! I really really liked it! But I've got to say that "Village Vacances Valcartier" in Quebec city is REALLY hard to beat. I might be going next week while I'm visiting, not sure yet, if I do, I'll make sure to bring back some pictures.

That's it (enough) for now~


Momo on August 12, 2010 at 7:15 AM said...

Wow! *____* This waterpark looks so awesome. I think you could really enjoy the atmosphere there.I want to go there, too! I'm looking forward to your pics from Village Vacances Valcartier if you are going there. Many greetings Momo


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