Nail issues...

Posted by Suteisi ♥ at 4:52 PM
So, yesterday (Friday) I went out in town to do a little bit of shopping and I also had an appointment to get my nails re-done.

I wore this simple outfit:

Jean skirt and a white top that crosses at the back. Shows a bit of cleavage too...

Some of you guys that are/will be reading my blog will wonder why I dress so simply if I love gyaru fashion and culture as much as I do. I mean, all the other blogs I read (well, not all of them, but almost all) are gyaru related. Basically, I don't care for gyaru fashion on ME. I love to watch it on other girls, I think it's awesome, but I don't fancy on me. I'm not sure why, it's just never worked out. Maybe I'm not passionate enough about it. Who knows. But this is how I roll. Lol

With the outfit I had my usual hoop earrings and the ring my mother gave me for my birthday. I'll take picture of it for another post.

Skirt: Smart Set
Top: Garage

I wore some flats for shoes. Shopping in flats is the best.

For my nails well... I was super excited and then my nailist started taking them off to apply a new set, when we encountered this:

You can't see perfectly, but this is an infection. It's the start of one, so it's mild. But when she took off the resine from my nail, it was yellowish and looked like it was eating my nail underneath because there were small holes. I wanted to start crying. I was freaking out inside.

What the hell? I've been getting my nails done since I was 16, off and on and this had never happened to me. The issue was that, I had hurt that finger 3 or 4 months ago. Basically, some car door closed on my finger, it wasn't hard enough to make my finger and nail turn purple, but part of it broke under the skin. When Stephanie did my nails 4 weeks ago, it looked fine, it was healing great, so we didn't think much of it. But as it grew under the resine and started an infection because of the lack of air.

So I left the salon with no new nails. My nailist took all of them off, gave me a small manicure and put some clear polish on all my nails except for said thumb that's sick.

When I got home, I put my thumb into a bowl of warm water and added one very small spoon of bleach. Left it in there for 10 minutes and already it looks 10 times better. I'm going to do that again tonight and tomorrow and hope for the best.

I'm going out of town on vacation this coming Monday, hopefully this nail infection won't spoil it all.

So gals, when you get your nails done, make sure to check every time you get a new set done. My issue was because the nail underneath was already broken. But I've heard of girls getting infection under their fakes, just because of lack of air.

In the mean time, I can look at my other nails that look good, even with just clear polish. Lol



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